Further to the previous announcement by the International Socca Federation regarding the appointment of continental heads and members of the executive board, the International Socca Federation is pleased to announce that significant appointments have been made in both continents of Africa and the Middle East.

Imad Mahassine from the Kingdom of Morocco has been appointed as head of the confederation of Socca Africa and Waleed Al-Obaidani from the Sultanate of Oman has been appointed as head of the confederation of Socca Middle East, in addition to their appointment as two members of the executive board of ISF.

These appointments of Imad Mahassine and Waleed Al-Obaidani comes in recognition of their prominent role in developing the sport of small-sided football in both continent of Africa and in the Middle East, as well as being among the most prominent active members in the international and continental competitions that fall under the umbrella of ISF.

ISF executive Tom Nash said: “In implementation of the expansion and development plan pursued by ISF, we were keen to appoint both Imad and Waleed to leadership positions in both Africa and the Middle East, due to their great experience in the field of sports in general and small sided football leagues particularly. We also believe that the expansion plan in all continents of the world requires the presence of competent heads to achieve the desired goals of expansion.” Tom added: “We will be expecting all existing & potential countries members in Africa & the Middle East to contact directly Imad & Waleed respectively, apply for membership of ISF through them, and communicate with both of them for all ISF related matters.”

Africa confederation’s head Imad Mahassine said: “We are looking forward to spreading the sport of small-sided football throughout the continent of Africa and organizing continental and regional championships, taking advantage of our long experience and international relations to achieve ISF targets”

The Middle East’s confederation’s head Waleed Al-Obaidani said: “It will be among our priorities to organize small-sided football tournaments for corporates on the continent level utilizing our long experience on this field and we also aim to spread the sport at the level of national teams in the Middle East and hopefully across Asia as a whole.”


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