England 6-a-side team secured their first victory of the World Cup 2023 this morning, a resounding 18-0 victory over Qatar . Arjun Jung, the Joint Manager of the team, expressed his delight – but said it was all part of the learning curve. 

The triumph over Qatar marked a significant turnaround for England, who had suffered an initial setback in their campaign with a defeat against the USA. However, the team quickly regrouped and learned valuable lessons from their loss, as Jung explained, “We learned a lot of lessons, but we’ve put them into practice.”

Reflecting on the victory, Jung emphasised the team’s commitment to continuous improvement, stating, “We’re always learning. Us as management and even the players, every little thing that happens is something new for us to add.” 

The England 6-a-side team exhibited an exceptional display of teamwork, executing their game plan flawlessly against Qatar. The players demonstrated great determination and showcased their skills with precision, resulting in an impressive 18-goal haul.

Looking ahead to their upcoming match against Argentina – who won their first game at the weekend –  on Wednesday, Jung acknowledged the strength of their opponents, stating, “From what I saw of Argentina, they’ve been very good so far, but we’ve got what we’ve got to beat them.” The team’s confidence remains high, bolstered by their recent victory and the valuable lessons learned from previous matches.

Wednesday’s match against Argentina promises to be a thrilling encounter as both teams vie for supremacy on the pitch. Fans around the world eagerly await the outcome, as the scramble for group positions is on.