We have been delighted recently to welcome so many new members to the International Socca Federation, the fastest growing sporting organisation in the world.

This week, we are thrilled to announce another another South American addition to the family, as Uruguay became the latest country to sign up.

As you will see, Matias Corporales, from the federation, cannot wait to get started.

Here, he tells us about the good things he’s heard about the ISF, looking forward to Crete 2019, South American rivalry, and why he looks out for the Barcelona results!

A real pleasure to welcome you on board, Matias, if you could tell me a little of your journey so far to the ISF?  For several years, our organisation has participated in several international events. Thanks to its great movement in the media, we got to know the ISF. On the other hand, several friendly organisations of ours, recommended us with great certainty to participate in the World Cup organised by ISF. The expectations and enthusiasm are very great for our team.

So now you’re members, is that what are you most looking forward to, the World Cup? Now that we are part of the biggest event in the world at an amateur level, we look forward to the world cup. Also create more competitions nationwide for the next international tournaments.

So, how popular is socca in Uruguay? In South America Socca  is in full development. Thanks to this type of events, more players will want to be part of this format. Socca will start really resonating in our country.

Have you chosen your team for Crete? Yes, unfortunately we will not have the maximum potential since times do not help us. In any case, our team will fight us.

I guess they are all looking forward to it? Yes, our team and followers are all awaiting competition and the experience of the World Cup.

There is a lot of south American countries now, there must be some rivalry?! Oh, that’s a big question [smiles]. Historically, Uruguay’s direct rivals were always Brazil and Argentina. However, all South American teams are very good by nature and it will be very difficult to face any of them.

Who are you hoping for in the draw? First of all avoid in initial instances to great powers such as (Brazil, Germany, Italy among others.)

Last question ….just for fun so we all get to know each other. Who do you support in 11 a side? Barcelona is one of our favourite team since Luis Suarez is located. In Uruguay of the National Football Club