The whole of the World Cup, you could say, has been a one long highlight after another so far.

Goals, thrills, spills, action and crowds of thousands are seemingly taken for granted now as the action gets towards the halfway point. There has been so much going on that it’s been hard to keep up.

Our social media team has been keeping you updated to the second with the news, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but even though we know that millions of you around the world have watched the action, there might be things that happen at the Leisure Leagues stadium that you have missed.

If you have, then help is at hand.

Each night, on our YouTube Channel, BBC Sports Journalist, Emma Jones  and a host of guests, talk you through the whole day, with a new one premiereing at 4.30 each day.

So, whether you just want to catch up, or whether you want to relive the brilliant football that you’ve already seen the highlights shows are for you.

Here’s last nights.

Remember, there’s one every night, so keep watching, because the only thing we do know from the World Cup in Rethymno so far, is to expect the unexpected!

So, right up to the final, let Emma and the team be your guide to the World Cup 2019.