With the Champions League going on right now and the World Cup looming large next month, our officials worldwide are going to be right in the spotlight like never before.

To do their job to the best of their abilities it is vital that they are given the very best equipment and the ISF is always striving to make improvements to ensure the very best officials in 6 a side football have the status to match.

Today we can reveal a change in Referee Communications Partner, with AXIWI supplying all our referees communications products moving forward.

Revealing the change today, ISF Referees Executive, Martin Cassidy – pictured here with senior Referee Florian Potter showcasing the sort of headsets that officials will wear in Crete – said: “We are delighted to have AXIWI on board. A world class organisation like the ISF needs world class suppliers, and that’s exactly what we have.”

The International Socca Federation has recently added former Premier League referee, Bobby Madley to their referees team, to go along with other world rated officials, like Mark Clattenburg. However, whether they have experience at the Champions League, or in their local competitions, communication is vital, as Martin explained. “Communication is vital for match control and team work, and this is the very best way we can make that happen.”

The wireless AXIWI sport communication system is the communication system for sports. The communication system works perfectly for referees who want to be in contact with a colleague referee or official. The communication system also offers opportunities for coaches and referees in several situations. With a weight of only 39 grams and a size slightly bigger than a matchbox, the wireless AXIWI communication system is the ultimate system to be used in sports.