Lithuania Vow To Maintain Focus

Lithuania’s national 6-a-side football team has kick-started their campaign in the 6-a-side World Cup on a high note, securing impressive victories in their first two group-stage matches. Led by head coach Mindaugas Grigalevičius, the team demonstrated exceptional skills, dominating against both Mauritius and Peru. With their thrilling performances, the Lithuanian team has now secured a place in the knockout stages of the tournament.

On Saturday, Lithuania’s Leisure Leagues-based players delivered a sensational performance, overpowering Mauritius with an astonishing 8-0 victory. The Lithuanian team showcased their attacking prowess. This resounding triumph set the tone for their journey in the tournament and showcased their determination to succeed on the international stage.
Continuing their winning streak, Lithuania faced a challenging encounter against Peru on Monday. The match was held in Essene, where scorching temperatures tested the endurance of both teams. Despite the intense heat and the artificial turf amplifying the conditions, Lithuania remained resilient. They defeated Peru with a commendable scoreline of 6-2. The Lithuanian players quickly established their dominance, maintaining control of the game throughout.

Reflecting on the team’s accomplishments so far, Mindaugas Grigalevičius, the head coach of the Lithuanian team (pictured below), expressed his satisfaction. “First of all, it’s great that we secured at least the second place in the group and will play at least two more very important matches in the Socca World Cup,” said Grigalevičius. His words echoed the team’s collective joy at their remarkable performances.

However, Grigalevičius acknowledged the challenges faced during the match against Peru due to the scorching weather conditions. “It should be noted that the match against Peru was not easy because it was really hot in Essen at noon, and playing on artificial turf made the heat even more intense. Although the conditions were the same for both teams, the Peruvian players handled the heat slightly better,” he stated.

Grigalevičius also emphasised the importance of maintaining focus and avoiding unnecessary disputes with the referees. “It was evident that the Romanians, who played before us, also struggled with Mauritius. On the other hand, it is crucial that we managed to score several goals quickly and controlled the game throughout all the matches. However, it is concerning that we got involved in disputes with the referees after certain mistakes, lost concentration, and conceded unnecessary goals. We cannot afford such things. Nevertheless, that is already history,” he added.
As the Lithuanian team prepares for their upcoming clash with Romania, Grigalevičius stressed the significance of resting and regaining strength, given the unchanging weather conditions. “Now it is important to rest well and regain strength because the weather conditions will not change, and the match against the Romanians will be hot in every sense,” he commented, underlining the team’s determination to overcome the upcoming challenge.

Lithuania’s mouth-watering encounter with Romania is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 1 pm (CET).