Mark’s Christmas Message

2020 hasn’t been the year we all wanted. We have not been able to bring you all together in the way we love to do, with friends from every continent making memories to last a lifetime at the World Cup and Champions League.

We had so many plans that haven’t been able to come to fruition, but everyone has been touched one way or another by this awful pandemic and we should never forget we are still the world’s biggest football family.

We will back doing what we love soon, and the pandemic will not always hang over our lives in the way that it is right now.

We will be playing football, in the stadiums around the world, we will be giving ordinary people the chance to live their dreams and we will be doing something extraordinary that only the ISF and small sided football can do.

We will be together again soon, until then, stay safe and Merry Christmas to everyone, around the world, and may you find as much joy as you possibly can.