“It was an honour to lead this group of referees at my first ISF World Cup. The tournament was an amazing event and a true spectacle of 6 a side football. The commitment to the Spirit of Socca by the referees, was impressive and the desire to engage with fans, coaches and players alike was very heart warming. I hope you all know that we are committed to being as professional as possible and we strive to be the best we can be to help deliver a successful World Cup.

“Of course there are some things we can do better and just like players and coaches do, we will learn from our mistakes. If we are all open to positive discussion we will all improve and make the next World Cup even better than the last two.

“I want to end with a special mention to the ISF executive and Leisure Leagues whose unwavering support of the ISF referees is greatly appreciated.

Until next time.

Cheers and keep safe and well