European football has stopped again for its latest international break.

That means two things:

  1. You’ll have plenty of time on your hands this weekend, probably.
  2. It is a month since the greatest ever tournament took place.

But help is at hand, and we can give you your football fix.

The International Socca Federation World Cup was won by Russia, but the action was incredible throughout the eight days in Rethmyno.

Right from the first whistle of the first match – between Latvia and Egypt- to the very last kick which saw Dimitri Smirnov’s men as Kings of the World, the standard of football was like we’ve never seen before in the small sided game.

The ISF’s cameras were there every step of the way to record the action and we are delighted to reveal the official World Cup playlist.

Here you will find the crucial highlights and best bits of every game that took place in the Leisure Leagues Stadium, every goal, every pass, every shot, tackle and thrilling passion of the tournament is right here.

Every single game is included, so pick your country and binge watch!

Which means you can relive it, talk about it, or if you were one of the players involved, you can show off your proudest moments.

So, turn off the phone for a while, and relax as you watch the greatest football spectacle of 2019.