Romania Excited For Return

Less than a week away from the World Cup, tension is rising throughout the world, particularly in Romania as they gear up for their first 6-a-side World Cup appearance in four years. We had the opportunity to catch up with Coach Rosu Vasile to discuss the latest developments.

Romania, known for its prowess in small-sided football, has received a warm welcome back into the International Socca Federation (ISF) after a hiatus since 2019. Coach Rosu Vasile expressed his delight at this return, stating, “It is a great pleasure and recognition of Romanian small-sided football by the ISF. The agreement signed by the Federatia de Minifotbal din Romania and ISF will help promote the image of Socca for players and teams from Romania. It’s a significant step in promoting our international activity to the highest level, and we are excited about the opportunities it brings.”

Moreover, the Romanian network of small-sided football has exclusively joined Socca for the next three years. This partnership encompasses all leagues and teams in Romania that do not have registered clubs, accounting for approximately 95% of the Romanian network. When asked about Socca being the ideal place for a big team like Romania, Coach Vasile emphasized, “Romania saw the development project of ISF and decided that we just can’t be outside of it as Romania must be present in a strong organization.”

Romania has already made their mark in the Socca EuroCup 2023, and Coach Vasile shared his experience from the event. Moldova, a friendly neighboring nation, hosted the tournament, and Coach Vasile spoke highly of the occasion, saying, “Moldova has always been like a brother to Romania, and we are always pleased to participate in their tournaments. Socca EuroCup 2023 was a fantastic event organized at a high and professional level. Furthermore, we believe this tournament will become a tradition in the future, especially as Moldova boasts one of the greatest stadiums in Europe.”

With the upcoming Socca World Cup 2023 on the horizon, Coach Vasile outlined Romania’s goals. “Our aim is to secure the best possible position in the group stage,” he stated. As for the teams in their group, Romania faces Peru, Mauritius, and Lithuania. While Romania is not familiar with Peru and Mauritius in small-sided football, Coach Vasile acknowledged that Peru’s football traditions could translate into their performance on the smaller field. He also highlighted Lithuania as an experienced and formidable team. “Based on what I’ve mentioned, we will fight for the first place in the group,” Coach Vasile affirmed confidently.

As the anticipation builds, Romania prepares to make its mark on the international stage at the Socca World Cup 2023. With their rich footballing heritage and renewed participation in the organization, the Romanian team, led by Coach Vasile, aims to showcase their skills and compete fiercely against their group opponents. The stage is set for an exciting tournament, and Romania is ready to embrace the challenge.

The action gets underway on Friday, and you will be able to follow it right here with our extensive coverage