Socca8 is part of the Federation.

The International Socca Federation is best known for the thousands of players we represent who play in the formats of 5,6 and 7-a-side football, but, you may not be aware that we cover 8-a-side football too.

Small-sided football, or Socca, is played across all parts of the world and, until now, there has been no specific body uniting small-sided football organisers and players. This means that the sport has developed at different rates, and according to different rules and formats in each country. For this reason our membership rules allow for league organisers who run different formats of the sport  to join, and our events are designed to best offer something for everyone, be it 5, 6 or even 8-a-side. This diversity has been particularly important to the federation in order to accommodate the membership of one of our newest countries,  Russia’s LFL, who primarily play 8-a-side socca as well as competing regularly in international 6 and 7-a-side competitions.

Our 5 year strategy includes an calendar of events ranging from 5 to 8 a-side socca, indoor and outdoor stadiums and continental and world level competitions. More information on these future events will be announced shortly.