Footballers are heroes to millions.

Everyone reading this had a favourite player growing up – you might still have one. They carry our hopes, our dreams, and our passion on their shoulders.

That’s the best thing about what we do. Never mind the football, the World Cup, the Champions Leagues, the massive events. Somehow it is more important than that.

What we do is give ordinary people the chance to live those their dreams. For a little while, you can be Ronaldo or Messi.

But in this strange time, we’ve all seen who the real superstars are. The frontline workers, from the shop workers, the teachers, the postmen, the policemen, those that have kept working so the world could run with just a little bit of normality.

There is one sector, though, that deserves all of our thanks in this Pandemic. Those who risk their lives every single day. Doctors, nurses and all the other staff in hospitals who protect us from this unimaginable harm.

We have seen first hand just how hard these people work, just what they do for others.We couldn’t have run the World Cup’s without the medical volunteers, like the Red Cross and The Samaritans (pictured above and left). And we know that they don’t do it for thanks, they don’t do it for praise and they don’t like being singled out – however, right now, that’s what we want to do.

So to them, the brilliant team in Crete, and everyone else that is risking their lives for us right now, we simply say: Thank you.

We are delighted to say that in the next week or so we will be speaking to the Head Of The Red Cross team in Crete to find out not only their experience at the World Cup, but to talk about the challenges they face working in the medical profession in 2020.