Even away from the action on the pitch, there is plenty going on at the World Cup in Rethymno.

This morning saw an important get together of all competing nations, as the federations came together for vital talks.

The meeting, one of the twice-yearly conferences of the ISF, is a chance for old friends to meet away from the heat of battle and also a chance for executives to share their vision for the future of this wonderful sport moving forward.

The meeting took place against a backdrop of the stunning opening ceremony in Rethymno on Sunday night, which saw record crowds for a World Cup match.

Hundreds of delegates arrived for the talks, at which Leisure Leagues Execs joined ISF staff for a discussion on the growth of 6 a side football, which has seen the 6 a side world cup become the biggest sporting event ever played in Crete.

A spokesman said: “We are proud that the ISF is now the benchmark for all 6 a side football in the world. We always say that we are the most inclusive sport on the planet, and what we have seen this tournament rather proves it.

“We have ordinary people, playing in ordinary leagues from all around the world, rubbing shoulders with full internationals like Robbie Findlay  – playing for the USA – and Greece Euro 2004 winner Kostas Katsouranis. It is a truly wonderful and unique experience.”

The action continues all week, and can be followed live right here.