This is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

The first ever 6 a side manager who won the world trophy in Lisbon, Malte Froehlich is the man who has been coaching the always-feared German national team for five consecutive years. This time the challenge is bigger than ever. He will have a great opportunity in a few weeks to perform in front of the outstanding German audience, in Essen. Now is the perfect time to find out of this is extra motivation or extra stress. We sat down with Malte to explore,

This is the 5th year that you are managing the National German Team including one World Trophy and two years of silence due to the Pandemic. Which was the strongest moment of your career so far?

Lisbon 2018 was my first tournament and that was absolutely outstanding. The stadium on Praça do Comercio, the atmosphere, the event was great. To win the World Cup there was nothing less than magic and I will never forget these moments.

Which are the National teams that you would name as favourites for this upcoming year? What is specifically special with them?

Poland will be really hungry to take that one last step. My colleague Klaudiusz is one of the best in this sport and he always brings a great group of players together that fight with all they have. Brazil…what can I say? They were massive in Hungary, they belong to the favourites. Kazakhstan can always go all the way, I also expect France and England to play a very prominent role.

Representing Germany in a World Cup … It must be huge. How does it feel? Is it an extra weight in your mind or only motivation?

When I step out on a pitch I want to win. I commit myself to the project and I expect the same from my players. Wearing the eagle on our shirts is not only a motivation but also a responsibility. We need to give our best in every second we play for our country and we are ready to do it.

This summer, playing in front of the thousands of home fans is it a dream moment? What is your goal for this year?

For sure, this is the stuff dreams are made of. To play in front of all your family and friends is a huge boost for the boys. In general I am more than happy that our association won the bid because I fully trust them to deliver a great event. Kennedyplatz is a special place, it has a certain vibe and with that stadium it will be something people will talk for for a very long time. Essen is in the middle of Rhine Ruhr area and therefore the heart of more than 5 million. people, most of them supporting one of the local football clubs. I have Goosebumps when I think of the opening match, it will be fantastic.