The International Socca Federation is delighted to announce another new member with Mauritius joining the family.

The Mauritian organisation will now be able to join the Spring Conference and take a team to the World Cup, carrying the hopes of the Island Nation, with a population of 1.3m with them

Mauritius is football crazy, and joins other African countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, and Tunisia in seeing socca spread across the continent.

The nation, with the capital of Port Louis, is ranked as the most competitive and one of the most developed economies in the African region.

Although the newest, they are the latest to recognise the incredible power of the sport. There are now more than 80 different lands involved in Socca and the ISF is the fastest growing sport’s governing body in the world.

The Spring Conference for the ISF is going to be the biggest gathering of its type in the world, as the ISF Exec board will join with members in discussing the vision for the future.

With the expansion of Africa, with Mauritius joining, there are countries from seven continents represented in the federation, making small sided football one of the most widely played sports the world.

In the coming weeks there will be a lot more on the build up to next month’s conference, and there will be a full interview with the Mauritian delegation, as they introduce themselves everyone in football family .