Allez Les Bleus

France Manager Hugo Da Silveira, is one of the most well-known managers of all the teams in the 6 a side World Cup.

Vastly experienced and knowledgeable, Hugo has been coaching “Les Bleus” for the last eight years, across the three world cups, and with the World Cup 2023 just around the corner, it was an ideal opportunity to talk with him about all things 6 a side, as he gave some of his vast knowledge to us in an exclusive chat.

Hugo, you are one of the most experienced managers in Socca with many successful years. Which are the most important factors that bring the success in a National team?

First of all, thank you for giving me the honour to be here. The most important thing, I think, is the passion for football and the pride of representing your country. What could be more beautiful than that! It is with great pride that I give “my all” in this position. I am a privileged person.  Seeing the France group develop each year is extraordinary. We started from nothing. Here we are today on the biggest French national sports channel, L’Equipe. Incredible! Thanks LE FIVE!

Which are the managers of the other National  Teams that you respect the most and  for what reason?

After all these years I have indeed been able to meet some very nice people. The coach who impresses me a lot is Klaudiusz Hirsch, the coach of the Polish National Team. We met in 2015. His mastery of the French language facilitated our exchanges. I have a lot of respect for many other coaches. But also I have to say, I have great relationship is with the president of the Chilean Federation. Marcelo has become a true friend. His professional experience for events is incredible. His big heart and generosity are precious in this – sometimes – individualistic world.

From all those years on international level, which is the year with the strongest emotions for you?

It is a difficult question… There are many moments. I would say though when we eliminated Russia in 2017. We qualified for the Quarter finals, I find myself in a live interview on the sports channel. All the team joins me and there we made a hell of a mess!!! A lot of joy and smiles.

Your expectations for Essen 2023, both for the event and for the National French Team?

I come to this competition with confidence.

I have full confidence in my friends Julia [Head of the LOC of Essen 2023], Christoph [President of Socca Germany] and their gang for this World Cup 2023. We know their professionalism and their attention to detail. This event is going to be extraordinary, I’m sure, and I can’t wait to be there.

Sportingly as usual. I want to do the most beautiful journey and have the maximum pleasure. We are the “world champions” …of the quarter finals!! We can’t get past this stage. So the objective is to be in the final four. The rest is just a bonus.