Lithuania became the latest country to take delivery of their brand new National Teams website this week, as the roll out continues.

Small sided football is part of the fabric of the Baltic state, and they are ready for the 2023 world cup in June, having already added their squad for the tournament to the squad page.

Aurimas Adomaitis, the head of Lithuanian association’s communications, was delighted with the progress that had been made ahead of Essen in June commenting: “The Lithuania association is the most active among Baltic state countries regarding small-side football. We have a strong national championship, other leagues, and tournaments, and also plan to come back with Baltic minifootball Cup this year.

“We are very happy that now we will have a new international platform for English-speaking persons, so most of the small-side football enthusiasts and Socca family members would be able to follow Lithuanian small-side football news”.

The new websites are only available to countries that have paid their full membership fees for 2023, and many more countries around the world will be receiving their new sites in the coming weeks.

Lithuania will to the world stage, where they will look to qualify for the knockout stages, having won two games in the Hungary competition in 2022, including a stunning 9-0 victory over Morocco.